Danforth Whodunnits

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Name of the Club: Danforth Whodunnits

Thanks to the posting on Canadian Book Clubs, the club has been doing quite well. We now have about 14 members, and we've been having a great time reading new books and checking out new authors.

We have reached our maximum numbers for membership and are not currently seeking new members.

Location: Toronto - meetings will be held in cafes or restaurants. Location will change each month. If the book lends itself well to a particular food-restaurant theme, the the meeting location will be chosen accordingly.

The focus will be on mystery-crime-detective-legal fiction.

We will read a variety of authors and styles in the mystery genre (American, British, Canadian; female authors/heroines; types of protagonists (police officer, detective, lawyer, amateur; classic mysteries and modern, etc.)

We will meet once a month (likely on a Sunday) in the Danforth area.

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