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Publishers Abbreviation Codes

Remember this publisher list is from a 1970 reading list. So many of these companies no longer exist.

Ab - Ambassador Book Limited, Rexdale, Ontario

AL or Al - Thomas Allen and Son Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

As - Abelard-Schuman Canada Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

Aw - Addison-Wesley (Canada) Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Bb - British Book Service, Toronto, Ontario

Bh - Bellhaven House Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

Bs - Book Society of Canada Limited, Agincourt, Ontario

Cc - Copp Clark Publishing Company Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CeC - Centre Educatif et Culturel, Inc., Montreal, Quebec

Ci - Clarke, Irwin and Company Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Cm - Collier - MacMillan Canada Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Co - William Collins Sons and Co. Canada Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

De - J.M. Dent and Sons Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Didier - Marcel Didier of Canada Ltd., Montreal, Quebec

Dm - Dodd Mead and Company Inc., Toronto, Ontario

Do - Doubleday Publishers, Toronto, Ontario

Eb - Encyclopaedia Britannica Publications Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Fi - Fideler Publishing Company, Toronto, Ontario

Fw - Fitzhenry and Whiteside Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Ga - W.J. Gage Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

Gc - Grolier of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Gh - Griffin House, Toronto, Ontario

Gi - Ginn and Company Publishers, Toronto, Ontario

Gp - General Publishing Company, Don Mills, Ontario

Gu - Guinness Publishing, Toronto, Ontario

Gc - Guidance Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Hg - House of Grant (Canada) Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Ho - Jack Hood School Supplies Company Limited, Stratford, Ontario

Hr - Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Ht - D.C. Heath, Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Lb - Little Brown and Company, Toronto, Ontario

Lg - Longman Canada Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Ma - The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Me - Methuen Publications, Toronto, Ontario

Mh - McGraw - Hill Company of Canada Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

Mi - Charles E. Merrill Canada, Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Ml - George J. McLeod Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Mp - Modern Press, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ms - McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, Ontario

Mu - Musson Book Company Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Mv - Moyer Division - Vilas Industries Limited, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ne - Thomas Nelson and Sons Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Ob - Oberon Press, Ottawa, Ontario

Ox - Oxford University Press, Don Mills, Ontario

Pi - Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons (Canada) Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Ph - Prentice - Hall Inc., Scarborough, Ontario

Pp - Palm Publishers Limited, Montreal, Quebec

Qu - Queenswood House Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Rh - Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Rd - Reader's Digest, Montreal, Quebec

Ry - Ryerson Press, Toronto, Ontario

Sa - Saunders of Toronto Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

Sc - School Aids and Textbook Publishing Company, Regina, Saskatchewan

ScB - Scholastic Book Service, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Aps - School Publications and Specialities Limited, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sr - Science Research Associates (Canada) Limited, Don Mills, Ontario

SPp - St. Peter's Press, Muenster, Saskatchewan

WBe - World Book Encyclopaedia, Winnipeg, Manitoba

WBc - World Book - Childcraft of Canada Limited, Toronto, Onario

Ws - John Wiley and Sons Canada Limited, Rexdale, Ontario

Ut - University of Toronot Press, Toronto, Ontario

VNR - Van Nostrand Reinhold Limited, Scarborough, Ontario

Bantam - Bantam Books of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Penquin - Penquin Paperbacks, Don Mills, Ontario

Vintage - Vintage Books, Toronto, Ontario

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