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Ottawa book club looking for new members

Who are we?

A small group of Ottawa "ladies" who meet up about once a month to chat about books and life. We met each other through this book club. Don't worry we aren't best friends who will make you feel like a black sheep! We have recently lost some members to babies, new jobs, and travel dreams as happens in your late twenties-thirties.

Who are you?

Young(ish) person looking to meet new people. Brave gentlemen are welcome. Must be willing to chat about your life since we will only spend about fifteen minutes actually discussing the selected book. This is great for those new to Ottawa or new to Canada!

How it works?

We rotate through picks from each member - a huge variety from classics to new releases, fiction and non-fiction. But absolutely no Jodi Picoult or Nicholas Sparks! Meetings are set up whenever it in convenient for most (doodle polls are our friend!) at a location selected by the book host - often a new restaurant in town!

How do I join?

Send us a quick description of yourself and your first proposed book and we will be in touch. We are looking for 2-3 fun new members to keep it to a small group.


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