The Single Malt Book Club, Ottawa

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This is a men only book club established in the fall of 2003 by four founding members to broaden and challenge their normal reading habits. There are no hard and fast rules of operation, the club meets monthly, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, to discuss the book choice for the month, or not and savour some of the finer Scotch Single Malts. Each member hosts a meeting in rotation and gets to choose the next month's selection.

The Club has tried to alternate between fiction and non-fiction and the choice continues to be eclectic with titles both old and new ranging from Paris 1919 through Plainsong, Our Lady of the Snows, One Hundred Years of Solitude to The Lexus and the Olive Tree. We occasionally do a two for one offer as we are a generous lot.

There is usually a hiatus in the summer months of July and August. Membership is by invitation, and the current list stands at seven members from a broad range of backgrounds.

We are fully subscribed at the moment but will advise at such time as we are seeking new blood. Thank you in anticipation.

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