Scarbie Babies and Mommies Book Club

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I'm interested in starting a book club for 30-something career mommies and their babies living in Scarborough to meet and discuss books for our kids (8 mos to 18 mos.) and a book for the mommies. We would probably meet every 4 to 6 weeks and choose a book, author or theme for the babies and then a book for the mommies. For the mommies, we can choose fiction (e.g, Miriam Toews, Munro, Giller Prize and other Prize winners) or non-fiction (some months we may want to review a self-help/baby help book). Preferably we can choose books that are not too long in length and have been published in soft cover and/or are readily available second-hand or at the library. While the mommies are discussing books, the kids can play. I am hoping to have the first meeting sometime in March. If you are interested, please contact me.

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