Literary Rogues

Literary Rogues is a book club for adults in Toronto that share a passion for reading. We devour one book a month, and then share our thoughts on the meal. We encourage diverse points of view on the subjective and objective qualities of a book. We love it when one's opinion of a book changes after a good discussion!

We value the principles of diversity, respect, and eagerness in our members, because we believe that each of these qualities makes for more interesting and rewarding discussion. We expect all members to be willing to share their point of view, and to be respectful of others' opinions.

We are accepting new members. Please email; let us know who you are, whereabouts you live, and how best to get a hold of you.

*When and where do you meet?*

Literary Rogues meets on the first Thursday of every month at members' homes in Toronto. While some of our members own cars, all members have to be reasonably accessible by TTC.

*What kinds of books do you read?*

Whatever the members vote for! In broad terms, we want to read excellent literature of all genres and styles. We are open to book nominations and suggestions from all members, though you may find meagre support for Harlequin romance novels and Star Trek paperbacks!

*How do you choose what books to read?*

Depending on the month, a meeting will be either 'Open' or 'Theme'. Open months let us read member favourites, while Theme months let us explore a broad theme or genre of literature. In either case, members nominate books for an open vote every few months.

*What do I need to know to attend my first meeting?*

We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at a member's home. The discussion is relaxed but focussed on the book; we try to minimize chitchat. We take a short break during the evening to eat and catch up with each other. Meetings usually end after 9pm.

Discussions are moderated so that the discussion flows smoothly and includes everyone in the room. Folks will usually host and moderate the discussion for books they nominated, but we are flexible.

*What do I need to know before I host my first meeting?*

We split the costs by sharing the hosting duties. Usually the host moderates the discussion, as well as providing some type of after-dinner food and drink. You'll attend several meetings before you need to host, so you'll get an idea of what people are used to.

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