Paperback Princesses II

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Upper Beach, Toronto Area

Looking for members to start a second chapter of the Paperback Princess book club. The Paperback Princesses II will meet in the Upper Beach area once a month to discuss fiction novels as chosen by the group.

If you're interested in joining our group, please send me an email with your contact information and list a few of the books you have read recently:

FAQ's about the Paperback Princesses:

How long has the club been around?
The original chapter started in 2001 and still meets monthly.

What's the background of club members?
The age range is late twenties to early 40's. All members have been women with diverse backgrounds. Some members are married, some are single, some are moms, some are not. All are open minded and want to meet and interact with other women.

Where do you meet?
Initially the meetings will be held in my home, and once the group is more established we will rotate at different members homes.

How do you choose books?
For the first few months the books will be chosen based on what has recently been read by the original chapter. Once the group is established we can nominate and vote on books. In the original chapter, some months became "themed" - December for holiday themed books, August (when everyone is so busy!) was a youth book and January some how ended up being a Nick Hornsby book. Books must be paperback, cost $20 or less, and also be available from the library/second hand shops and will always be fiction. These "guidelines" allow for well rounded books, and allow our members the freedom of buying or borrowing the books.

What are discussions like?
One person will be responsible for leading the discussion, and they can pull questions or information about the book from the internet or newspapers to assist in facilitating the discussion. However usually it's pretty free flowing, no one is made to participate should they choose not to. The meetings generally open with a round table in which members are asked to introduce themselves.

What if I don't want to read the book you selected for that month?
Sometimes you start a book you can't finish for whatever reason. No matter what the reason you may have some interesting insights to add and we'd still like you to attend.

If you're interested please contact Orla.

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