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My name is Rachelle and I'm 22 looking to start a bookclub in Oakville. I was a part of the Ottawa bookworms for 2 years and met some wonderful people and had a blast! This book club is for individuals who share a passion of reading and would like a casual, friendly discussion on books and socialize. We meet at a coffee shop on the Second Sunday of the month at 6:30pm. The location will be sent via email closer to the date. We don't limit our discussions to coffee shops though! Sometimes we can discuss the book over dinner or after reading a book we occasionally watch the movie to compare, just for the fun of it! The genre of books we will be reading are fiction (its hard to discuss non-fiction) best sellers and/or "Oprah" type books. (they don't have to be bestsellers or anything, just the type of books we read) No classics. The first 3 books are picked but after that we will be picking books together. If you think these 3 books are something you'd enjoy then this is the book club for you!!

*****The first meeting will be in May 13th 2012******

Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham (May 2012)
The Girls by Lori Lansens (June 2012)


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