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We are a book club with 12 members in the Lake St. Peter area of Ontario. We're near the east gate of Algonquin Park. We get together once a month except for July and August. We get our questions for the books from the Internet and have many lively discussions around these questions and other topics. We have two pot luck lunches during the year. We meet at 1:00 PM on a date suitable to most members. We take turns hosting the meetings and serve light refreshments along with wine. We each purchase three different books a year and have a total of three copies of each book. As we live close together and are retired women we have found this method to be successful and cost effective. We borrow books from the library and some members also donate the books they've purchased to the library.

We started in September, 1991 with 12 members and although some have passed away and some have moved we decided to try to keep our membership around that number. We have read The Red Tent, Into the Blue, Life of Pi, Lovely Bones, Claire Callum, Canoe Lake, Rush Home Road, A Million Pieces, Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Sisters of the Wilderness, House of Sand and Fog and The Kite Runner. This year some of our choices are A Thousand Splendid Suns, For One More Day, The Long Walk and My Sister's Keeper. In December we all choose a member's name out of a hat to determine our secret bookie sister for the year and have a great time finding interesting items for them and ways to keep the secret. The book club has brought a lot of joy into our lives and our members have become very close over the years. A book club is a wonderful way to meet others and also to expand our knowledge by reading books others have suggested. Some of these have been excellent books which we wouldn't have read otherwise. The highlight of our year is our three-day trip to St. Catherines, Ontario. We drive down in tandem and stay together for three days. We shop, laugh, sightsee, laugh, eat, laugh, drink, laugh and most of all relax while enjoying each other's company and LAUGH.

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