Matchbook Book Club

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We are a book club that gets together once a month in various locations around Toronto that offers an extra cozy touch and ease with ladies who love to read, travel, films, and more importantly- brunch!

What makes us unique is that we match reads to a theme every month and vote- we also have months where we do "Member's Choice"- members submit a book of their choosing in relation to the theme and we draw it out of a hat (or toque, depending on the season!)

We also host movie nights, craft parties, author Q & A's (notable ones were Geraldine DeRuiter and David Ebershoff), and host author visits (memorable ones were C.S Richardson, Ann Walmsley, Cathy Marie Buchanan, and more!).

Genres we read includes: non-fiction, fiction, history, biography, travel We do not read: romance, sci-fi, horror

So if this book club seems to be the right fit for you: we look forward to giving you a warm welcome at our next meeting! :)


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