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Our book club in Toronto has been reading together since 2006.We meet once every month and a half on a Sunday (usually in North York).We are open to reading a variety of books including: Classics, fiction, non-fiction, etc...Members have to be dedicated and committed to reading other books that they might not usually choose.

The books we've read so far in the last 9 years are: The Reader; Guns, Germs and Steal; Arabian Nights - A thousand and one tales; A Million Little Pieces; Angela's Ashes; Book of Negro's; Kite Runner; The Greatest Show on Earth; Canticle for Leibowitz; Eating Animals; The girl with the dragon tattoo; A Wild Sheep Chase; The Rape of Nanking; Open: An Autobiography; Room; The Book of Awesome; Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller; Pillars of the Earth; Shantaram; The Help; The Cells of Henrietta Laks; Click; The Last Superstition; The Slap; Dreams of my father; Moonwalking with Einstein; Perfume; A Fine Balance; The Giver; A Thousand Splendid Suns; Lady Chatterly's Lover; Strong Fathers Strong Daughters; And the Mountains Echoed; Book Thief; Crazy Rich Asians; Maze Runner; Orange is the New Black; Think like a Freak; Hungry Ghosts; The Wind-up Bird Chronicle; The God of Small Things.

If you're interested in joining a fun, free and non-judgemental discussion group, contact us.

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