Toronto Christian Book and Social Club

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Do you love to nourish your spiritual growth by reading? Do you enjoy insightful discussions, with God at the centre? Are you inspired by authors such as TD Jakes, Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen? Do you like to fellowship with like-minded people? Then Toronto Christian Book and Social Club is for you! Toronto Christian Book and Social Club is a multicultural, diverse book club whose purpose is to explore non-fiction and fiction Christian books in a group setting, with an eye to see how the material aligns with the Word, and what nugget of truth – if any, we can take away from the work. Planned social activities will include brunches, coffee meet-ups, day trips, and entertainment such as gospel concerts and Christian movies.

The group is open to Christians, no matter what stage ,between the ages of 35-45. Seekers are welcome too! For more information email.

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